- museum of trash -

the Mülleum is a digital archive of rubbish.
Trash, garbage, leftovers and found materials seem to be endless resources of our present. Everlasting, dirty, destructive and space-consuming…
Nowadays abundance is omnipresent on many levels while we don’t know or care about the meaning and effects of materials which surround us and shape our environment.
A seemingly inexhaustible source created by human beings themselves - destroying them at the same time.
The virtual museum offers space for everyone who feels called to deal with rubbish and leftover materials and wants to find new forms of expression and presentations for these.
These materials have been discarded, have lost their functions and are dismissed by the society.

In the Mülleum, trash is viewed and exhibited as a resource and at the same time a relict and material of our present.
It can be arranged, exists in series, can be found anywhere and is available in a wide variety of qualities, materials and structures.
The trashury with 3D scans contains a collection of contemporary objects added by many people.
In this sense, anyone can be part of it and become an exhibitor.
By participating the individual stories of people on the topic of waste around the world can be apparent and connectable.

Feel invited to join and be part of it, so that we can be visible with our different perspectives on trash, abundance and art together.